Survivorship Care Plans

Personalized, evidence-based, up-to-date
content auto-populated in a SCP template.

e-Patient Clipboard

Validated e-Patient Reported Outcomes tools for
patients to self-assess their symptoms and distress.

Distress/Symptom Management Plans

Actionable, personalized, evidence-based recommendations, provided in a written patient care plan, help to mitigate symptoms and unplanned ED visits/hospitalizations.

The care I want to give to my patients with cancer.


On Q Health is a clinician-led health information technology company that builds e-clinical tools to support the oncology team’s delivery of quality cancer care and documentation of value.

Problems We Solve

  • Survivorship care plan templates are costly to develop and maintain. Clinical staff must manually develop and regularly update content for surveillance and late effects across numerous cancer types, and IT teams must configure and update these in EMRs.
  • Clinician time needed to prepare and deliver individual survivorship care plans at the point of care are not aligned with current reimbursement opportunities.

On Q Solution: Our survivorship care plans are highly personalized and evidence-based, with up-to-date content auto-populated in cancer type-specific SCP templates. Content is efficiently personalized at the point of care using our proprietary rules-driven clinical algorithms, and our software documents patient outcomes and improved downstream revenue.  On Q’s ongoing integration efforts with various EMR and cancer registry software platforms improve efficiency.

  • Oncologists in a busy clinic struggle to address numerous patient-reported symptoms identified through newly mandated distress screening tools.
  • Most chief complaints for hospitalizations and emergency room (ER) visits among cancer patients are related to uncontrolled symptoms.
  • Current evidence for cancer symptom management is not easily accessible at the point of care.

On Q Solution: On Q’s validated distress screening e-questionnaires, paired with automated and evidence-based distress and symptom management care plans, improve both clinical workflow and patient outcomes.

  • Modern-day oncologists need tools to quickly identify patient problems and concerns to offer a meaningful encounter in a busy clinic.

On Q Solution:
On Q’s validated, cancer-specific, electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) questionnaires are summarized in concise reports, alerting clinicians to critical symptom/functional scores and trends.

How Our Products Work

e-Patient Clipboard

Currently includes distress screening, symptom assessment, goals of care, quality of life, and geriatric assessment tools. Oncologists around the country are validating use of other brief versions of validated electronic patient-reported outcomes tools for clinic feasibility.

Symptom Management and
Survivorship Care Plans

Clinical data combined with patient-reported data from our e-Patient clipboard, is processed through proprietary clinical algorithms to generate personalized, evidence-based care plans in real time at each clinical encounter. Care plans are branded for the cancer center customer and recommendations are localized with cancer center services to maximize appropriate utilization.

Our tools have been built in collaboration with over 200 clinical and research experts to date and growing.

The Power of On Q AnalyticsTM

  • Captures, aggregates, and analyzes electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO)
  • Models and predicts the prevalence and timing of cancer symptoms
  • Analyzes individual (and aggregate) clinician symptom management practices
Captures, aggregates, and analyzes patient-reported adherence to and effectiveness of symptom management strategies
  • Collects and tracks health system referrals made/completed within our symptom management and survivorship care plans

Collectively, our findings will be used to continuously inform On Q Health clinical tools so we can assist oncology care teams in delivering the best possible quality cancer care.

Security and HIT Integration

CPSTM can operate as a stand-alone system or integrate with existing HIT applications

Is a HIPAA and HITECH compliant cloud-based system

No additional hardware or software required

Accessible via any Internet browser

Basic set-ups of CPS™ can be installed in a practice within 2-4 weeks

"I can’t say enough about the On Q Care Planning System… I think its extremely helpful in making the visit much more complete and efficient …With all the issues cancer patients can have, there’s only so much time one has in a day, so the care plan improves efficiency by helping me 'cut to the chase’ and highlight the top issues from both the patient and clinical perspective, focus the visit on these, and then provide them with targeted resources and referrals for their individual concerns and needs."

− Dr. Susan Minton - Breast Medical Oncologist, Moffitt Cancer Center

"The On Q system helps identify problems and issues that patients don’t tell me otherwise. This allows me to direct the encounter to patient needs and goals of care in a way I am not typically able."

− Dr. Randall Gibb - Gynecologic Oncologist, Billings, Montana

"This product goes far beyond what any of the other survivorship care planning programs on the market are able to provide and creates personalized, evidenced-based survivorship care plans that meet the latest requirements. For patients looking for a clear plan once treatment is complete, providers who want to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive care, or providers just looking for an easy-to-use care planning system, On Q Health has thought of it all and is an excellent resource for almost any practice."

− Carrie Tilley, MSN, ANP-BC - Cancer Survivorship Program at The George Washington Medical Faculty Associates